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A Wish List for Wings
  • Secure, easily cleanable indoor caging units and transport carriers. Our dream is to equip our holding area with multi unit stainless steel enclosures, similar to those used in veterinary clinics.

  • Assorted nuts in the shell, sunflower seed, bird seed, nutritionally complete cat and dog dry kibble, canned and fresh fruit, vegetables, baby food and other nutritional staples.

  • Arctic fleece or flannelette sheets, blankets, soft cosy infant bedding, velour bedspreads and heating pads are always in great demand for the comfort of our wildlife patients.

  • Disinfectant and cleaning products, gram weight scales (digital is even better), live traps, capture nets, welder's gloves, restraint poles and modules.

  • Kleenex and white paper towelling, 30" heavy duty garbage bags, weighted food dishes, metal refrigerator crispers, jar baby food and cereal.

  Donations are always needed and welcomed...

Please contact Wings if you are considering making a donation to support our work. Specific animal adoptions are also available.

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